Projects of G. Oprescu Institute


In 2008 our institute received the testamentary donation of Barbu Brezianu (1909-2007), a renowned Brancusi expert. Art historian, a former member of IAH, Barbu Brezianu authored, among other reference works, an extended catalogue of Brancusi’s sculptures in Romanian museums and collections. The donation includes Barbu Brezianu’s rich art library, focused on Brancusi and the international sculpture of the 20th century, as well as his private archive: correspondence with numerous foreign art historians and collectors, research notes concerning topics he has studied for a lifetime, photographs, audio recorded interviews etc.

Donation items were inventoried in 2009 by the staff of the Department for Modern Art and Architecture. In the same year was founded the Barbu Brezianu Centre for Studies on Brancusi. The centre aims to promote new reflection on Brancusi and on the classical modernism in 20th century art, to highlight Barbu Brezianu’s contribution in the field of Romanian art and its European connections, to guide young researchers engaged in the study of Brancusi work.