National research projects

Program IDEAS – Exploratory Research Projects

"The Saint of Montparnasse" from Document to Myth. A Century of Constantin Brancusi Exegesis (2011-2014)
Text and Image in the Romanian Painting of the 16th Century (2011-2014)


CERES Program

Study on Fundamental Symbols of Visual Communication (2003-2005)

Preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Dâmbovița County by means of new information technologies (2003-2005)

The Preda Effect in Romanian Art (2003-2005)
A strategy for the preservation and promotion of Basarabi Rupestral Site (2005-2007)


CEEX Program

ProRESTAURO. Network of excellence centers for advanced restoration techniques (2002-2005)

CyberMuseum of Romanian Art Universities - eMArt (2005-2007)

ReSITUS. Advanced techniques and methods for conservation and digital reconstruction of the immovable cultural heritage (2006-2008)

Romanian Academy GRANTS

Marina Sabados: The Art of the Moldavian Iconostasis between Byzantine Tradition and Central and West European Styles. Case Study: Suceava County in the 16th-18th Centuries (2006-2008)

Constanța Costea: Great Subjects of the Outside Moldavian Mural Painting: Allsaints and the Jesse Tree (2006-2008)