Programs and projects of the Romanian Academy

Program nr. 2/2003  of the Romanian Academy: Encyclopedia of Romanian Art


Dictionary of sculptors
Repertory of exhibitions in Bucharest.1868-1914
Romanian authors and copyists of psalmic Music. A bio-bibliographical index
A history of Romanian book based movies (1911-2011)

In progress:

Catalogue of musical manuscripts in Byzantine and post-Byzantine neumatic notation held in Romanian collections. 1700-1830
Encyclopedia of medieval art in Romania

A history of Romanian modern theatre. 1944-1989
Artists and their travels (XIX-XX centuries)

Collaboration program of the Romanian Academy and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Art Interactions between Romanian and Bulgarian Lands (15th – 20th century): joint project of G. Oprescu Institute of Art History, Bucharest, and  the Institute of Art Studies, Sofia.