National research projects

Complex projects carried out in CDI consortia (PCCDI)

Elaborating Complex Methodologies Regarding the Attribution and Authentication of Medieval and Early Modern Paintings Belonging to the National Cultural Heritage - IDArt (2018-2020)


Program IDEAS – Exploratory Research Projects

"The Saint of Montparnasse" from Document to Myth. A Century of Constantin Brancusi Exegesis (2011-2014)
Text and Image in the Romanian Painting of the 16th Century (2011-2014)


CERES Program

Study on Fundamental Symbols of Visual Communication (2003-2005)

Preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Dâmboviþa County by means of new information technologies (2003-2005)

The Preda Effect in Romanian Art (2003-2005)
A strategy for the preservation and promotion of Basarabi Rupestral Site (2005-2007)


CEEX Program

ProRESTAURO. Network of excellence centres for advanced restoration techniques (2002-2005)

CyberMuseum of Romanian Art Universities - eMArt (2005-2007)

ReSITUS. Advanced techniques and methods for conservation and digital reconstruction of the immovable cultural heritage (2006-2008)

Romanian Academy GRANTS

Marina Sabados: The Art of the Moldavian Iconostasis between Byzantine Tradition and Central and West European Styles. Case Study: Suceava County in the 16th-18th Centuries (2006-2008)

Constanþa Costea: Great Subjects of the Outside Moldavian Mural Painting: Allsaints and the Jesse Tree (2006-2008)